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  Screw & Barrel
Renowned Manufacturer of Screw and Barrel Proud to server more than 500 highly satisfied customers across the globe :-
Renowned Manufacturer of Screw and Barrel
Radhekrishna Extrusions, a renowned engineering company has been serving in the field of manufacturing screw & barrel for last more than 20 years. Radhekrishna Extrusions manufacturers screw & barrel from 20mm diameter to 150mm diameter OD and up to 4000mm length.

Twin screw & barrel are the heart of extruders and play very crucial role in extruder.

Radhekrishna Extrusions screws & barrels are manufactured under very precise stage wise inspection and quality check system. The company has all advanced in house facilities to manufacture the screw & barrels. The vast experience, technical knowhow and entrepreneur skill have made the company renowned in manufacturing screw & barrel in the field.

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  High Speed Mixer
Radhekrishna extrusions manufactures high speed mixers for applications like :-

Radhekrishna extrusions manufactures high speed mixers for applications
Radhekrishna  Extrusions manufactures high speed mixers for rigid PVC and soft PVC compounding application. The high speed mixers for rigid PVC compound application are designed considering high/low filled compound application as per customer’s requirement

Radhekrishna high speed mixers are designed according to very crucial 7 stage inspection.
Salient Features
  • Wide range of models starting from 10 to 3000 ltr.
  • Suitable for low/high filled compound application.
  • Versatiliy to mix all chemicals/additives with base resin.
  • Power efficient.
  • Base safety features for operator’s safety.
  • Proper homogeneous mixing of material.
  • Pneuma   seal technology for preventing powder infiltration inside bearing.
  • Special coating on tool enhances life of the tool.
  • Attractive aesthetic look.
  • Dynamic balancing of drive-driven pulley and blandes.
Our Screw And Barrel Used In
  • Pipe Plant
    • PVC Pipe Manufacturer ( U PVC, R PVC, CPVC)
    • HDPE Pipe Manufacturer
    • PVC Braided Pipe Plant
    • PVC Suction Hose Pipe
    • PVC Soft Tubing Plant

  • Sheet Plant
    • Air Bubble Sheet Plant
    • PP Sheet Plant
    • HIPS Sheet Plant
    • PVC Sheet Plant
    • Thermo Forming Sheet Plant
  • Film Plant
    • PVC Film Plant
    • Lamination Film Plant
    • Blown film Plant
    • Tape Plant
    • Multi Layer Film Plant

  • Cable Manufacturer
    ( Any Type Of Materials)

  • Compounding Plant

  • Injection Moulding Machinery

  • Blow Moulding Machinery

  • Any type of Plastic Pallet Manufacturing
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