Screw & Barrel

Renowned Manufacturer of Screw and Barrel Proud to server more than 500 highly satisfied customers across the globe :

Radhekrishna Extrusions, a renowned engineering company has been serving in the field of manufacturing screw & barrel for last more than 20 years. Radhekrishna Extrusions manufacturers screw & barrel from 20mm diameter to 150mm diameter OD and up to 4000mm length.

Twin screw & barrel are the heart of extruders and play very crucial role in extruder.

Screw & Barrel, Screw & Barrel manufacturer in India

Radhekrishna Extrusions screws & barrels are manufactured under very precise stage wise inspection and quality check system. The company has all advanced in house facilities to manufacture the screw & barrels. The vast experience, technical knowhow and entrepreneur skill have made the company renowned in manufacturing screw & barrel in the field.

High Speed Mixer

Radhekrishna extrusions manufactures high speed mixers for applications like :

Radhekrishna Extrusions manufactures high speed mixers for rigid PVC and soft PVC compounding application. The high speed mixers for rigid PVC compound application are designed considering high/low filled compound application as per customer’s requirement

Radhekrishna high speed mixers are designed according to very crucial 7 stage inspection.

High Speed Mixer, Manufacturer in Ahmedabad
  • Wide range of models starting from 10 to 3000 ltr.
  • Suitable for low/high filled compound application.
  • Versatiliy to mix all chemicals/additives with base resin.
  • Power efficient.
  • Base safety features for operator’s safety.
  • Proper homogeneous mixing of material.
  • Pneuma seal technology for preventing powder infiltration inside bearing.
  • Special coating on tool enhances life of the tool.
  • Attractive aesthetic look.
  • Dynamic balancing of drive-driven pulley and blandes.

Our Screw And Barrel Used In

  • 1. Pipe Plants
    1. PVC Pipe Manufacturer ( U PVC, R PVC, CPVC)
    2. HDPE Pipe Manufacturer
    3. PVC Braided Pipe Plant
    4. PVC Suction Hose Pipe
    5. PVC Soft Tubing Plant
  • 3. Film Plant
  • 5. Compounding Plant
  • 7. Blow Moulding Machinery
  • 2. Sheet Plant
    1. Air Bubble Sheet Plant
    2. PP Sheet Plant
    3. HIPS Sheet Plant
    4. PVC Sheet Plant
    5. Thermo Forming Sheet Plant
  • 4. Cable Manufacturer ( Any Type Of Materials )
  • 6. Injection Moulding Machinery
  • 8. Any type of Plastic Pallet Manufacturing

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